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Cannes Corporate: McCann Budapest went big
2017-10-12 08:19 [Médiainfó -]

The Hungarian advertising professionals got huge success on one of the world's biggest international corporation film festival.

The prominent jury with Emmy and Oscar winners awarded McCann Budapest's work in two categories as the best pieces.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards was held for the 8th time on the French Riviera. On this advertising festival, the world's best advertising and film professionals competed in 5 main categories and 41 subcategories.

Beyond the classical solutions, for the first time, the festival also awarded films and documentaries that used 360 degrees technology and the contents that were created for social media platforms.

The best nominees are awarded with Gold, Silver or Black Dolphin trophies. The independent, international jury consists of Oscar and Emmy winners, directors, corporation film and media experts, plus marketing and communication professionals year by year.

McCann Budapest's film, the "Safety First", which was created for E.ON, was awarded with the Gold Dolphin prize in Internal Communication and Human Resources categories. In addition, the work made it to the White Dolphin trophy's shortlist that is the Grand Prix of the festival.

The shocking film was created to highlight the following problem: although, there are less and less accidents related to electricity and gas technology thanks to E.ON's safety actions, the number of traffic accidents within the company did not reduce. Analyzing the reasons, the E.ON realized that most of the colleagues consider driving as a routine task, therefore, they don't feel the weight of responsibility. The main goal of E.ON was to shoot a safety film that has powerful effects not only on the rational but also on the emotional side. Although everybody knows how dangerous the speeding can be, facts show that we can gain a bigger impact by affecting the emotions.

Dániel Silye (Branded Content Specialist) and Márk Éry (Creative Producer), the two colleagues of McCann Budapest, adapted the story of a real car accident that happened with E.ON employees during work.

The director of the award winning work piece is Oszkár Viktor Nagy. He created his first feature film only a couple of years ago and he immediately won the award of the foreign critics (Gene Moskowitz prize) on the biggest Hungarian film festival and in the same year it was nominated for the European Film prize. Lately, he mostly shoots documentaries. His last recognition was at the best script category on FIPA, Europe's biggest television festival.

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