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BUSINESS INSIDER launches in February 2018 in South Africa
2018-01-26 08:44 [Médiainfó -]

BUSINESS INSIDER, the leading business media for the digital generation, will launch an offer in February 2018 in South Africa.

In cooperation with Media24, one of the largest publishing houses in Africa, which also has a strong online presence with, BUSINESS INSIDER has ideal conditions to inform people in another country with business topics and news that are relevant for their daily life. The South African edition of the successful American business news portal will be the 15th international edition and the second in Africa. In January 2017, an edition for Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana was launched. The first international version started 2013 in Australia.

BUSINESS INSIDER enters with South Africa one of the most important business markets in Africa. The country has a growing, well-educated, tech-savvy middle class which has a strong interest in reliable, entertaining and understandable business information.

Henry Blodget, CEO of BUSINESS INSIDER Inc.: "We continue our success story and drive forward the worldwide establishment of our brand with the launch of BUSINESS INSIDER in February 2018 in South Africa. With Media24 we found a partner who has the necessary knowledge and the perfect network to realize our ambitious objectives in South Africa. Together we will bring BUSINESS INSIDER's groundbreaking style of business news coverage to South Africa."

BUSINESS INSIDER reaches more than 120 million unique visitors per month across all platforms with a total of 15 issues in 20 countries. The portal is the largest US business news site and one of the fastest-growing news brands in the world. The company pioneered a digital-native approach to business news that is social and mobile at its core and which is aimed at the next generation of business leaders. Following the acquisition of a minority share in January 2015, Axel Springer SE is the majority shareholder of BUSINESS INSIDER since October 2015.

Source: Axel Springer SE

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