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Médiafigyelő - IMEDIA médiafigyelés
Vodafone is preparing for the summer with significant network developments
2018-02-20 08:19 [Médiainfó -]

Vodafone Hungary's 4G+ service was launched in the Eastern basin of Lake Balaton last summer, elevating the experience of mobile Internet usage to an entirely new level.

For Vodafone Group, present in 26 countries, network development is an important focus point. As a result, 4G+ services are already available in 21 countries, while the number of 4G users just recently surpassed 100 million. In Europe, 68% of mobile data traffic on Vodafone networks flows through 4G, thanks to the overall 93% outdoor 4G coverage. At present, the operator has close to 530 million mobile subscribers world-wide, who use increasingly more data: in 2017, mobile data traffic grew, on average, by 65% on Vodafone's networks globally, and one European user consumes an average of 2.1 GB of data per month. In addition, as the global market leader of machine-to-machine communication, the telecommunications operator is also present on the market with 62 million IoT SIM cards. The excellence of the global network, however, is down to local efforts, which create services of the highest possible standard in line with local needs and conditions. This is why the Balaton region, a place small in global terms but important locally, has been put in the limelight this time.

Vodafone Hungary launched its 4G+ service in the Eastern Basin of Lake Balaton last summer. At the same time, it also called upon colleagues to help perfect the regions' network. In a game named 'TérerőKÉM' (ReceptionSPY]) it asked colleagues to report to the network development team any problems they may encounter in the network's operation around Lake Balaton. The implementation of the development plan drafted using the feedback received started in February this year, allowing Vodafone customers to enjoy even higher-than-usual-quality services during the next Balaton season.
As part of our network development projects, we are continuing the extension of our 4G+ service, adding 30 settlements this year to the 23 that could already enjoy Vodafone's fastest network last year. By regrouping the 1800MHz frequency band to the LTE technology, theoretical maximum download speeds of up to 187.5 Mbps will be made available in every settlement around Lake Balaton, even reaching up to 337.5Mbps in Siófok, thanks to the 2600MHz band. Acting on the feedback received, the operator will also improve indoor coverage in 53 settlements by introducing UMTS900, which will result in faster-than-before call set-up and better voice quality, and in higher-than-before indoor coverage.

'Our on-going network developments have reached a milestone. As Balaton is also a region of touristic significance, where our measurements show that each summer data traffic on the mobile network more than triples, Vodafone places special emphasis on the continued development of the region's network. In the summer, Carrier Aggregation-based 4G+ services will be available all around the lake, which is a significant step in the process of network evolution leading to 5G.' - explained Amrita Gangotra, Technology Director at Vodafone Hungary.

As a corporate customer of Vodafone and an organisation deeply familiar with the region, Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. (Balaton Navigation Ltd.) also welcomed Vodafone's developments:
'Over the past two years we saw intense growth in our passenger traffic, as Balaton is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers. Besides, more and more people visit the region not only in the high season, during summer months, but also in the spring and autumn. Knowing the needs of passengers, I would say that it's worth improving the mobile network, as by now instant sharing has become an essential part of the travel experience, even whilst travelling on a ferry, passenger boat or a sailing boat. I am particularly pleased that at the National Regatta, one of the key events during the Balaton season, of which Vodafone is also a key sponsor, our guests will be able to enjoy the new network already' - explained József Kollár, CEO a Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. (Balaton Navigation Ltd.).

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